About Us


Overseas Friends of Union of Evangelical Students of India (OFUESI) is an inter-denominational Christian organization formed in 1999, with the purpose of establishing a support base in USA for the ongoing ministry of Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI). Membership to OFUESI is voluntary and consists of those who have been blessed by the ministry of UESI and those who have a heart compelled with the love of Christ for the overseas students and graduates of India. Within the USA, we meet regionally for prayer, fellowship, spiritual growth and support. OFUESI was registered as a tax exempt 501(c)3, non-profit organization in the USA in 2001.


Fostering the UESI vision in the US and strengthening the UESI through OFUESI


To strengthen the bonds of fellowship among OFUESI, provide prayer and financial support to the UESI work in India and expand evangelism efforts among Indian students in the USA.

How To Get Involved:  

Participate in a local group.  If there is none in your area, pray about starting one. Reach out to students in your area.
Connect with OFUESI.
Contribute articles and news in our newsletter KIT. Prayerfully consider contributing financially to UESI ministries through OFUESI.
Our mailing address is: OFUESI-USA, 1921 Narrows Lane, Silver Spring, MD-20906.
If you would like to contribute financially to OFUESI, please make checks payable to OFUESI and mail them to:
OFUESI Treasurer, 10570 Glen Drive, North Royalton, OH 44133.
Email: ofuesi.treasurer@gmail.com